Case studies

is a company in Alba (CN-Italy) which specializes in the field of PLC/PC Software and Electrical Engineering. It was founded in 1991 based on experience in the field of electrical design and software for industrial automation. It is a solution partner of GE FANUC INTELLUTION.

PROGECTA has adopted FXInterpreter for implementation of multilanguage management in supervisory applications with iFix of GE Fanuc:

When ACTIVA presented FXInterpreter, I was immediately struck by the ease and speed with which you can obtain multilanguage management.
We used to use a dynamo to create bilingual strings and the development phase entailed many hours of extra work to manage a single foreign language in addition to that of development. The subsequent phase of maintenance was expensive too.
IFix is a great tool for the development of supervisory projects, but it didn't have native multilingual capabilities. The new version 4.0 provides support to that function, but with FXInterpreter it becomes almost a joke and we can use iFix whatever the demands of our customers in regard to translations.
The installation and integration of FXInterpreter in a SCADA project takes a matter of a few minutes, then we develop the application as always, with some minor changes.
It also works well with Cyrillic: we have translated into Bulgarian without any problem by just setting the language Unicode properties before inserting objects, as required by iFix and Windows. In any case, you can try all the features in demo mode, prior to purchase, launching iFix without hardware key, so you can be sure!

Nicola Nada – Progecta Technical Manager



The BOTTERO GROUP is one of the largest manufacturers of machines and lines for the glass industry worldwide, 80% of turnover coming from exports. BOTTERO SpA, the largest company in the group based in Cuneo, designs and manufactures equipment for the flat glass industry, hollow glass and is able to study and implement 'turn-key' systems.

BOTTERO SpA adopted FXInterpreter for implementation of multilanguage management in their supervisory applications with iFix of GE Fanuc:

Our company has used the GeFanuc product for a long time. We chose it for its potential and for the backup solution, which is always required in our applications.
From it's first application, multilanguage management has always been a weakness of this software. Up until now, we used objects (dynamos) which let you switch the language, but that required a lot of development time. With version 4 we have seen improvements, but not big enough.
When we saw the potential of FXInterpreter we decided to use it for our applications. We have adopted for the first time in a project with a dozen locations and, during development, we decided to exploit the recognition of the prefix in the name of the objects to limit the number of entries in the dictionary compiled automatically.
The availability of a single Excel file with unique strings allows us to intervene directly and quickly in translation, immediately or during plant startup. The final user can make the changes he wants without the risk of compromising any functionality of the application. In addition, the dictionary is reusable entirely or in part.

Marco Guarguagli – Automation Manager. Plants Division