We inform you that, on the basis of Italian law article 13 of Decree 196/2003, your personal data given to us during promotional activities or trade, or intended to submit offers or in the formation of contractual relations, are the object of automatic or manual processing for the purposes of:

  1. Fulfillments in compliance with law related to civil rules, tax, accounting, etc.; fulfillments of obligations arising from contracts, assistance and technical support on products and services purchased by you also after-sales and post-warranty period if expressly provided; administrative management of relationships;

  2. Marketing and references, information about future business initiatives, or innovations made to our products and services offers, market analysis and statistics.

Note that there are not in our possession any data defined by cited article such as "sensitive", that are capable of detecting the health state, membership of trade unions, religious and philosophical beliefs, membership of political parties.

Data processing is executed through appropriate instruments to ensure security and confidentiality, and may also be undertaken through automated tools to store, manage and transmit data. These data are transmitted by our company to our sales network (distributors, dealers, agents, business procurers, etc.), and/or to our support network or, for services under warranty, to the company producing the goods or to the services company that, on behalf of producer, operates services under warranty.

Moreover, we specify that data related to you may be communicated to Banking and Financial Institutions for the management of receipts and payments arising from contracts.

Your data will not be transferred outside or within the European Union.

We specify that the processing of data referred to in paragraph 1) is mandatory and essential to the execution of your orders and the regular performance of contractual obligations, as well as all fulfillments of civil and fiscal obligations provided by current legislation.

The processing referred to in paragraph 2) is optional, therefore, in the case that you don't agree, there are no consequences, with the exception of our inability to provide information about innovations made to our products/services.

The processing holder is the writing company, the processing controller is Mr.Roberto Gismondi selectively domiciled for that office.

With regard to the above, you have the rights described in art. 7 of Decree 196/2003, including the right to know your personal data we registered, to obtain the cancellation, modification, correction or integration, to oppose processing of unlawful data or made for the purpose of information and business communication (see paragraph 2).