The development of applications for the foreign market almost always involves the need to address the management of one or more optional languages.

IFix 4.0 has added features that allow you to export and manage the textual content of pictures in specific CSV files (a file for every picture and every language). Each string in a text object (Fix2Dtext) or in a button object (CommandButton) corresponds to a line in the exported file. So in each file there are as many rows as there are repetitions of the same string in a single picture. For example, to translate or modify a single string repeated 10 times in each of the 30 pictures of an application with 2 foreign languages, it is necessary to edit 600 lines of CSV text.

ACTIVA FXInterpreter is a tool integrated in iFix that can greatly simplify multilanguage management and adds functionalities not available in iFix.

The dictionary for all the pictures and all the languages consists of a single Excel file with unique strings. The compilation of strings in the development language is automatic and translations must be manually typed in a single line.


The main immediate advantages are as follows:

  • multilingual implementation time reduced by approximately 90%

  • multilingual maintenance time reduced by approximately 99%

  • no need to compile a document with unique strings for a translation service

  • translation is extended to other objects

  • possibility of translations or quick changes by the end user (no risk to the application)

  • dictionary is reusable and expandable over time